Customs Documents

Customs Documents

Customs Documents

Forget the difficulties regarding transport through European countries. The passage of cargo to and from Italy passing through countries which do not belong to EU has never been easier than with Cargo Nord S.p.a.!

    The request is sent to our office


    We offer a price based on the client's wishes


    We discuss the proceedings with the client and the necessary documents for customs clearance.


    The goods are approved for export or import


Our advisors will guide the client through the necessary passages thanks to a long experience of customs declarations, all the necessary documents which allow your goods to arrive legally at their destination.

– Customs clearance at approved areas

– Customs procedure

– Transit procedure

– Import procedure

– Export procedure

– Interstate declaration

– Declaration of binding charges

– Request for sanitary “Nulla Osta” authorization

– Consultation at customs and taxes office

– Help with customs checks.


Customs clearance takes place in an approved area to simplify the customs normative. This ensures many advantages to firms which are exporting already and have a ‘transit visa’.

The goods are presented to the carrier together with customs clearance for export.

The use of approved areas for customs clearance of the goods allows the customs offices to carry out customs formalities directly ‘in situ’ and in other places authorized for the shipping e/on the receipt of the goods.


• The goods do NOT need to physically transit the customs.

• They can be declared previous to the shipping

• Eventual checks (CD document check or VM – check goods) are made without moving the goods

• Reduced time in clearing customs

• Extension of time which tends to become drawn out in the case of CDC or other checks

• Reduced costs related to transport of goods

• Reduced number of checks: the concession of Approved Areas has a direct consequence on inspections made by customs officers

• Reduction of risks related to loading / unloading of goods for transport to Customs

Avoiding other risks such as:

• Risk of not obtaining Customs documents for non performance of the carrier within 90 cays asked for the emission of the invoice according to Art.8 comma b DPR 633/72

• Risk of non-clearance at non-Italian customs offices and difficulty in obtaining DAU/DAE with relative code MRN

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Custom Advice

Import — export to and crossing countries which are not part of the UE does not entail only the physical movement of the goods but also compliance with the rules and regulations and the carrying out of precise bureaucratic details so as not to have long waits to collect and possible sanctions.

It is, therefore, fundamental to entrust the professionals of Cargo Nord S.p.a. experts in the organization of shipping between countries and who are prepared to guide the clients through the steps necessary to carry through the transit in the best possible way and according to the rules and regulations

Request a customs consultation with the specialists of Cargo Nord.


Our commercial consultants will be able to find
the best solution for you at a viable price.