Cargo Nord S.p.a. offers a quality logistic service, personalized and according to the needs of the client, in structured warehouses with pallet shelving.
A qualified staff organises the various logistic services of storage and distribution.

    The enquiry is sent to our logistics team


    A made to measure offer is calculated for the client


    Collection of the goods is organized


    The goods are stored safely and in order in the warehouses

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We know how important your goods are important to the firm and for this reason moving and looking after them is a responsibility which we are proud to assume with extreme care and attention.


Together with our total 15,000 square meters at our warehouses in Biella and Como and our computer system continually brought up to date Cargo Nord S.p.a. is able to be your reference point for your logistic firm.

Consigning your entire logistic flow: our team is prepared to stock your goods in a quick and safe way, monitoring the goods thank sto a our modern on-line computer system together with our firm’s ability and experience strengthened over the years.



We offer you a transport solution, warehouse storage, and management of the goods in equal measure, which is part of our vision: as in every service offered by Cargo Nord, even in logistics, personal service is our priority.

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Storage of Goods
Third Party Warehouse
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Storage means the positioning of the goods and preservation of the same in the warehouse, which can be from different areas, types of goods, different clients. It is fundamental that this is done correctly and in an efficient way so as to find the stored goods in the least possible time when it is needed.



In the development to the logistics sector of Cargo Nord (thanks to the specialized work and technological support), we have, over the years, strengthened our methods of storage and the study of an efficient layout in our warehouse.


Picking is the selection and withdrawal of goods from the shelves where it has been stored in the warehouse. This operation inside the warehouse, with products from many different destinations, is not taken for granted.

At Cargo Nord the products of every single client have a great value and for this, our process of picking permits us to single out the required goods simply and quickly thanks to a valid logistic organization and the invaluable use of computers.

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Cargo Nord S.p.a. offers a 3“ party warehouse service. When a firm has not got sufficient storage space to dedicate to logistics it might need a deposit where it can safely store its products. Renting can be expensive therefore Cargo Nord gives its clients the possibility of safely storing their goods in our warehouse when necessary and also specialized staff are put in charge of the organization.


Our commercial consultants will be able to find
the best solution for you at a viable price.