International Transport


Cargo Nord S.p.a. offers an international transport service both export and import,
by road and intermodal route,
by sea and air, for every destination throughout Europe and the world.
Our offices in Como and Biella offer and guarantee a network in all the important productive and industrial centers in Europe thanks to our agents and trusted partners. This enables us to insure our clients delivery dates are respected, and we aim to keep costs in line with the market.
By Road
By Intermodale

By Road

Choosing the assistance of specialized partners in its sector, Cargo Nord S.p.a. offers a daily road connections reaching all the major European destinations for your international shipments, full load or partial load, groupage and express.

– Booking on-line service

– Tracing system

– Daily import/ export

– Customs clearance

– System of distribution

– Complete cargo (FTL), partial cargo (LTL), Groupage

– Controlled temperature

– Dangerous goods (A.D.R.)

– Urgent transport (EXPRESS) assigned

– Exceptional cargo (oversize transport)

Full Cargo

Cargo Nord S.p.a. offers a full load transport service with numerous weekly departures for the main European destinations.

Full cargo transport (FTL) is the type of transport that takes place when the goods to be shipped, from a single customer, completely fills the load capacity of the vehicle, which therefore occupies the entire truck.

The goods are collected and delivered to a single destination, with no stopover or intermediate movements. This allows the shipment to be fast and safe.

Trust on the experience of the Cargo Nord forwarders, who, based on the type, size and weight of the goods, will identify the right solution for you to complete the full load transport in a punctual and flexible way.

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Partial Cargo

The service of partial transport (or less than a truck – LTL) means when a lorry is only partially loaded with goods for a delivery. 


This can optimize transport as goods for 2 clients can be loaded for different destinations thus filling the lorry.


Do you need to ship small quantity of goods to Europe? Choose groupage transport!

Transport Groupage consists of grouping small batches of different senders, to be shipped to different recipients, and entering them in a batch to be included in a loading unit.
The batch of goods is loaded onto a means of transport, which will travel to take it to its destination.

Trust on Cargo Nord, we will organize the most flexible and fast groupage transport for you, tailor-made for your shipment.

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Express Transport

Whatever the need for transport, our professionalism can solve it very quickly, whether it is a package or a complete load, with the express transport service. 

Thanks to vehicles able to transport every type of goods, we are able to manage it, collect it and urgently ship it throughout Europe in a short time.

By Intermodal

Cargo nord S.p.a. also offers the solution of intermodal transport for the shipment of your goods.


Transport by intermodal uses the railway sector: the goods are loaded onto a specific container on a good strain or unit of transport intermodal and are not removed until they arrive at their destination.

There is no movement or handling until destination:


– minor risk of damage to contents.

– minor cost of movement between different types of transport

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Our commercial consultants will be able to find
the best solution for you at a viable price.