National Transport

Shipments throughout Italy

Shipment overall of Italy is “shorter” than one thinks. If you rely on shippers who are punctual and scrupulous and who know the roads to travel on and consequently are able to deliver the goods in the shortest time possible
Everyday we travel the whole peninsula and islands, with numerous daily departures to and from all regions.
We transport and deliver all types of goods, regardless of type, weight, and size, efficiently completing shipments to any location in Italy, full load, partial load to groupage transport, and we offer the express transport service. This allows us to insure our clients receive the shipment punctually, thus keeping costs in line with the on-going market.
Full Load (FTL)
Partial Load (LTL)


Cargo Nord can transport your goods throughout Italy with the full-load national transport service (FTL).

The service of full load allows our clients to use the full capacity of the lorry for its own goods for delivery to a single client.

Our experienced freight forwarders, knowing the type of goods, the size, and the type of packing and time of delivery details, are able to establish all details of the full truck load transport within a short period and with professionalism.

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The quantity of goods to be shipped cannot always occupy a full cargo transport. In these cases it is possible to choose the partial cargo transport of Cargo Nord s.p.a.!

The service of partial transport (or less than a truck – LTL) means when a lorry is only partially loaded with goods for a delivery. This can optimize transport as goods for 2 clients can be loaded for different destinations thus filling the lorry.


Do you need to ship small matches of goods to Italy? Choose groupage transport: with this type of transport we reach all regions, including islands!

Groupage transport is that type of shipment of goods owned by different customers and collected in different places, transported together in a single trip. 


This type of shipping is the most flexible and efficient solution of transport for small cargoes, combining it with other goods that will share a single batch of space.

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The world of commerce is extremely fast to keep up with our habitual competitors but also opens new possibilities in the national and international markets.


That is why Cargo Nord offers an extremely rapid express transport service using our experience and knowledge, together with our network of partners from all over Europe,Italy and the Islands.


Our commercial consultants will be able to find
the best solution for you at a viable price.